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Super Matcha Clean Energy Drink 240ML

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Super Matcha Clean 

SUPER MATCHA CLEAN is a sugar-free and plant-based energy drink. 

Filled with fresh organic lemon juice and ceremonial-grade organic matcha

It has a refreshing citrus taste with low calories and caffeine. (45kcal, 32mg)

 Introducing Sparkling Natural Energy Tea

Enjoyed as it is, without high-calorie sugar or any artificial ingredients.



- 100% Natural Ingredients 


Matcha is a natural energy source condensed with essential nutrients enough to be called a superhero among teas. 

Matcha tea with powerful antioxidant properties is your daily natural energy booster.


Feel natural, long-lasting energy with just the right amount of natural caffeine to provide enough vitality for the day.


Lemon, Lime, Sweet, Fresh

Your Perfect Choice to boost your Energy!